Term Of Use & Privacy Policy

Account Registration

You have selected the manner in which your account will be set up based on your personal requirements. You certify that the manner in which your account is titled reflects the ownership interest of the parties and is allowed under applicable laws. We have no obligation to verify the legality of any registration under the probate, estate, or transfer laws where this account is being opened or to determine which law governs the interpretation of the registration status of your account. 

Joint Registration With regard to accounts with joint owners, whether joint tenants or tenants in common, any obligations or liabilities resulting from one account owner’s actions are the responsibility of each account owner, both individually and jointly. We may enforce this Agreement against all account owners or against any one of them individually. Each owner of a joint account may act as if he or she were the sole owner of the account, with no further notice or approval necessary from other joint owners. For example, a joint owner can — in his or her own name — write checks, buy and sell securities, withdraw or transfer assets, borrow against the account (such as through short sales or margin), arrange for account statements to be sent only to them, or change the account’s features and services (although no account owner may remove another’s name from the account without their authorization). In addition, with joint accounts, the principle of “notice to one is notice to all” applies. We are legally considered to have fulfilled our obligation to you and the account if we fulfill it with respect to just one account owner (for example, sending statements or other required communications to just one account owner). The Parties are not obligated to question the purpose or propriety of any instruction of a joint account owner that appears to be authentic, or to let other owners know about any changes an owner has made to the account, unless we have received written notice to the contrary, from another account owner. The Parties reserve the right at any time and at their discretion to require the written consent of all account owners before acting on an instruction from one account owner. In the event of death of any one of you, the survivor or survivors will notify us immediately. We may take such actions as we deem necessary, such as request additional documents, retain such portion and/or restrict transactions.

By registering an account with us, you hereby consent to allow us to conduct credibility search on you including but not limited to CTOS, CCRIS and any other credit reporting agencies we deem fit and/or available. However, any result obtained from the abovementioned credit reporting agencies are strictly private and confidential and intended for our internal use for product introduction and/or promotion package. Kindly click on this link for our Data Privacy Disclaimer for further information.

WARNING: Should you refuse and/or do not consent to the above, kindly stop and abort the registration process now by clicking “CANCEL” and email us immediately for the deletion of data collected (if any), failing which data collected (if any) shall be deemed to be consented by your good self.

Data Privacy Disclaimer

When processing personal data, we attach great importance to protecting your private sphere and ensuring that your data are secure. This data protection policy tells you about the data we process, why we need them, and how you can lodge an objection to the processing of your data.

We collect, process and store personal data (including IP addresses) only as permitted by law or if you have given your consent, for example when registering for an event or a service.

What personal data do we collect?

The personal data we collect are limited to information regarding our relationship with you. This includes contact information, such as name, telephone number, address or email address, as well as information relating to projects and events or to your use of our website. Information that cannot be linked to your identity (e.g. statistical information, such as the number of users of our online services) is not considered to be personal data.

How do we collect personal data?

In general, we collect personal data in the following cases: when you apply for a loan from us; when you visit our website/apps; when you communicate with us directly; when you register for our newsletter or an event; when you participate in a survey; when you provide personal data for other purposes; or when you apply for a job with us. In all cases, we process your data only for a specific purpose, and that purpose is known to you.

Do we pass your data on to third parties?

As a matter of principle, we pass your personal data on to third parties only if we are authorized by law to do so or if you have given your consent. This is the case, for example, when we conduct external project evaluations in agreement with you. Further information on this topic can be found in the relevant agreement. When data are transmitted abroad, we comply with the relevant legal provisions (guaranteeing appropriate protection).

External service providers that process data on our behalf are contractually obliged to comply fully with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”). We make sure that such external service providers are capable of safeguarding data. Our prior consent is required before they are permitted to transfer responsibility for processing personal data to a third party.

How long do we retain your personal data?

We retain your data as long as necessary for our business relationship with you, or as long as we have a legitimate interest in continuing to store the information. We delete your personal data in all other cases, except when continued storage is required under the law.

What data are processed when you use our website?

In general, you may visit our website without providing personal information. When you visit the site, our servers make a temporary record of each access in a log file. The following technical data are collected and stored until they are automatically deleted after no more than seven months:

The IP address of the computer used to access the site

The date and time of access

The website from which access was obtained, as well as the search term used, as applicable

The name and URL of the accessed file

The search queries used

Your computer’s operating system (shown by the user agent)

The browser you are using (shown by the user agent)

The type of device, if access is obtained through a mobile telephone

The transmission protocol used

By collecting and processing these data, we promote system security and stability, allow for error and performance analysis, and serve internal statistical needs. This also enables us to optimize our online services. In addition, IP addresses are used to preset the website language. Finally, we insert cookies and use cookie-based applications and tools when users access our website. More detailed information can be found in the next section.

What are cookies, and when are they used?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit our website. When you return to the website, your browser transmits the information contained in the cookies back to us, and this allows the system to recognize your terminal device. With the help of cookies, we are able to optimize our website and facilitate its use.

When you visit our website, a popup message informs you of our use of cookies and of the fact that visiting the site implies your consent.

If you opt not to permit the use of cookies, you may deactivate and delete all cookies at any time. For more information, consult your browser’s help function. If you choose to deactivate cookies, however, certain functions on our website may no longer be available to you. The deactivation or deletion process must be repeated if you use a different browser or terminal device.

How do we use tracking tools?

We need statistical information about the use of our online services (in particular our website and newsletter) to make them more user-friendly, measure their range and conduct market research. We use web analytics tools for this purpose, specifically Google Analytics or social media pixel. The user profiles we create using these tools and cookies are not linked to personal data. The tools do not use visitors’ IP addresses, or they abbreviate them immediately after the information is collected.

In addition to the data listed above (see “What data are processed when you use our websites?”), we gather the following information:

The user’s navigation path on the website

The length of time the user spends on the website or subpage

The subpage from which the user leaves the website

The country, region or city from which the website is accessed

The terminal device (type, version, color depth, resolution, width and height of the browser window)

Repeat or new visitor

This information is used to analyze website use. If you want to deactivate Google Analytics, you will find the necessary browser add-on at http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de. As explained in the previous section, you can avoid the creation of a user profile by deactivating the use of all cookies.

Social media

Our website contains plugins and links to several social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing etc.). The links are marked with the logos of the providers. Clicking on a link takes you to the relevant social media platform, where this data protection policy does not apply. The provisions that apply there can be found in the data protection policy posted on the respective provider’s website.

Personal information is not transmitted to the social media provider until you click on a link or plugin. By accessing the linked site, you are allowing the provider to process your data. We have no influence over such data processing, nor do we have information about the extent of data collection, the purposes for which the data are processed, or the retention period. We have no information about the deletion of data by the plugin provider.


You can subscribe to newsletters through our online services. We use the so-called “double opt-in” method; this means that if you want to receive our email newsletter, you must confirm your request by clicking on a link in a message. If you subsequently decide that you no longer want to receive our newsletter, you can cancel your subscription at any time, effective going forward, by revoking your consent. This can be done by clicking on a link in the email newsletter. Alternatively, you can contact us using the information in the Contact section.

What rights do you have concerning your personal data?

You have the following rights:

You are entitled to request information about your stored data.

You may request that your personal data be corrected, supplemented, blocked or deleted.

If you have consented to the processing of your data, you may revoke that consent at any time, effective going forward.

You may do so via letter or email. See Contact section.

Data security

We use appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect stored personal data against manipulation, partial or total loss, and unauthorized access by third parties. Our security measures are continually upgraded as technology advances.

Amending this data protection policy

We reserve the right to amend or supplement this policy at any time, as we see fit and in accordance with data protection law. Please consult this policy on a regular basis.


If you have questions about your rights concerning your personal data or related issues, please contact:

[email protected]